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Home Consultation - Virtual (1 Hour)

Home Consultation - Virtual (1 Hour)

Are you struggling with design paralysis? Do you have a bunch of ideas, but not sure where to start? We can help with that! Let's spend some virtual face-to-face time together, work through all your burning design questions, and get you to a confident place in your decision making! 


What To Send Us In Advance:

It is essential that you send us as much possible information in advance (3-5 days prior to our scheduled video chat) so we can provide the most informed consultation on your home!

This includes:

• A list of your specific questions

• Photos of the home (if remodeling)

• Your inspiration imagery and/or Pinterest boards

• Any available architectural drawings, floor plans, elevations or renderings


What To Have On Consultation Day:

Keep an open mind, open ears, and a pencil ready to jot down all the information coming your way! You will have 1 hour tapped into the mind of an expert designer! Our goal is to arm you with as much information so that you feel confident taking your next steps. You can ask any question, and we will do our best to offer as thorough an answer as possible. We do not offer physical deliverables during our time together, therefore it is important for you to take notes!


We are excited for the opportunity to offer our expertise and get you to a confident place with your home!

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