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Booking Your Virtual Design Consultation Below!

Virtual consultations are 1-hour video calls where you can pick our brains, find solutions for specific issues with your home or guidance on moving forward with a project. Book your virtual session with Ashley below!

We strongly suggest having your floorplans and any other drawings ready to send us in advance to make the most of your consultation session. You will receive more information on what to send in your booking confirmation.

If you are local to the South Bay and would prefer an extended in-person consultation instead, please fill out the Consultation Contact Form and someone will be in touch! 

Our Consultations Can Help You With...


Red Lining Architectural Plans:

If you are in the process of a new build or major remodel, and would like another set of eyes on your plans, we are your people! Not only do we understand the importance of a great space plan, but we're experienced in the ebbs and flows of a busy home...Where are you hanging your broom? Where do you make all the kids lunches? How will you hide the electronics? We focus on solutions to improve your day to day life,without sacrificing the style! Together, we will review any plans you have and give you our two cents! 


Space Planning Furniture:

Space planning is a language we are fluent in! If you are looking to improve the flow of your home through existing or new furnishing pieces, we can offer guidance on solutions! Maybe you have ideas of your own, but you need a stamp of approval from a professional to feel confident moving forward- we can help with that! 


Material Selections:

If you are getting ready to remodel or already underway, and you have a dozen white tile samples to choose from, we can help you narrow down selections, and pull a cohesive look together with what you've already selected. We can cover paint, fabrics, stone, window treatments, hardware, appliances, windows, doors -basically whatever you got!


Shopping for a Fixer Upper:

If you're in the market for a new home, whether its a minor fixer upper, or a tear down, we are happy to review a property with you and discuss the potential investment. Many homes with great bones are often overlooked, but we can see right past the bad carpet, outdated fixtures, and funky layouts!


Space Planning an Existing Kitchen or Bath Remodel:

If you are not happy with the current layout of your kitchen or bathroom, and need some fresh ideas on how to re-work the layout, we have the expert eye! We will walk through your options, offering real time ideas for space planning!


If you know you are planning to remodel your home, but not sure how you can rework certain walls, we can help with that! We are well versed in reimagining spaces. While we are certainly not engineers, we do have a very good working knowledge of construction and can help steer you in a direction.

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